Theme of The Year

Together We Love


As of now our school has 9 lovebirds, most of them were born in Good Hope.

The first one, Tweetie, knocked on the window of a classroom in an afternoon in Oct 2018. As her owner could not be located, we kept her with us. Around a year later, another lovebird, Speedy,  came into the reception area near the entrance of the school. Again, no owner could be traced. After about a week, both Tweetie and Speedy became good friends and the two lived together.  Then half a year later, came the third lovebird, Sweety.

Later Tweetie laid eggs and 2 birdies were hatched, then after some time 3 birdies were hatched, and all in all Tweetie gave birth to 6 more birdies, which were adopted by Hoper’s families.

Meanwhile, Sweety was a bit lonesome and so we adopted another lovebird, Litty.  So all in all we have 9 Good Hope birds living in 2 compartments of a big cage.

Birds have their own characters too, and they have given joy to staff and students.